Single Malt Whiskey, Batch No. 1 

There are only 94 bottles from this batch, so grab one while you can.

This single malt pairs perfectly with a Jack Kerouac book read by the fire while your dog chases squirrels in his sleep at your feet. 

Pour yourself a glass and taste the notes of toffee, butterscotch, vanilla, nutmeg, figs, cognac and madeira, with a long finish.

Our whiskey was made entirely by hand from mash to bottling. It was obsessively inspected (read: sampled, wink wink) for 15 months and bottled when we knew it was the perfect time to share with our family and friends.

Whiskey’s an art and the bottles should be, too. That’s why the labels were designed, hand-printed and numbered by me, the distiller. These labels will be totally unique for this batch, and each future batch will have its own new design, never to be repeated again. 


  • 46% ALC/VOL (90 proof)
  • 100% barley malt
  • Non-chill filtered (to it keep it as pure as possible) 
  • No caramel coloring (all coloring is from the barrel aging process)
  • Un-peated
  • Aged in new American charred white oak barrels & used bourbon barrels, then finished in French oak sherry & port wine barrels
  • Labels are hand-printed linocuts on Hahnemuhle paper; birchwood top, hand-dipped in glossy red & black wax

How to Drink: 

Drink this whiskey neat in a Glencairn glass by adding a few drops of purified water, swirling and letting sit for a minute to open it up before drinking. Then take a small sip and coat your mouth with it.

It’s also pretty dang fantastic with rocks, or mixed in your favorite whiskey cocktail.

How & Where to Buy in Virginia: 

  • Give your favorite Virginia ABC store a call (or stop by in person)
    Find a store near you here: Virginia ABC Stores
  • Tell them how many bottles you’d like to order of Spirit Lab Distilling’s Special Order # 953715
  • You’ll hear from the ABC store when your order is ready to be picked up and enjoyed (woo hoo!)

Price: $112

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