Forage Amaro, Batch No. 1 

This Amaro is our spin on the classic bittersweet Italian herbal liqueur that’s made with fruits, roots, barks and herbs.

Amaro is a “witch’s brew of ingredients”, as described by Saveur, as well as adding “body and intriguing bitterness to cocktails.”

In addition to being a staple in classic cocktails like the Negroni, amaro is being used in some seriously innovative cocktails in the craft cocktail scene.

You can find ours in your favorite bars and restaurants in Charlottesville and Richmond, or you can grab a bottle of your very own.

In classic Spirit Lab style, we’ve only made 103 bottles for this batch, so grab one while you can! 

What’s Forage made with? 

Local (foraged, of course) Pawpaws, Pecans, Autumn Olive blossoms, and about 14 other botanicals, including Elderberry, Elderflower blossom, sweet bee pollen, Gentian Root, and Anise.

Tasting Notes: 

Floral and earthy, honeyed, bittersweet, with delicate notes of tropical and citrus fruits, mint and anise.

How to drink it: 

Sip as an after-dinner digestif, on the rocks, with a splash of tonic and orange peel, or mixed in a day-dreamy cocktail.

Additional Details:

  • 39% ALC/VOL
  • All natural coloring
  • Label design has been individually carved and hand-printed on Hahnemuhle paper; birchwood top, hand-dipped in glossy green & black wax

Where to get it: 

Option 1: If you’re in C-ville, stop by the distillery!

Option 2: Give your favorite Virginia ABC store a call, or click the button below to find a store

    Tell them you want Special Order #953888.



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